Ricardo Villagómez Tamez, Ph. D.

Titular researcher at CICESE Monterrey

Research: CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers

About myself:

I am a mexican citizen born in the northen city of Monterrey in the state of Nuevo León in México.

My College education starts in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Nuevo León Autonomous University (Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León) from where I was graduated in 1983.

In 1985, I finished my master in sciences studies at the Optics Department in CICESE Research Center where I started my professional activities as an associated researcher in the field of applied optics (holography and laser physics). After eight years of working experience I started my Ph.D. education in the Institute of Physics at Aalborg University, Denmark in the field of the IR optical properties of metallic quantum wells. I held my Ph.D. thesis dissertation in march 12, 1997. And since then I hold my Ph. D. degree.

By now, I hold a permanent position as Senior Research Scientist at CICESE. My research activities are in photonics and lasers for research and industrial applications, as well as other related fields of interest.

My Field of Work: Photonics – science and technology based on light,
My Activities: Technology transfer to private sector based in advanced laser and manufacturing technology,
My Knowledge: Higher education and professional training in applied photonics

TECNOS International award


  1. Promote the development and technological innovation in the productive sector.
  2. To recognize the efforts in technological development by individuals and organizations in the region in national competition

Contribute to the formation of a culture of technological development in the community.

About the Award: TECNOS PRIZE is the recognition given to the competence of Mexican ingenuity, creativity, innovation and technological design.

Description of the medal TECNOS:

The prize consists of the delivery of a crystal with a corporate logo Tecnos. The winner in its category is engraved on the glass. The statuette has mounted a pure silver plated 24-carat gold. The obverse of the medal is engraved Tecnos logo and the legend "PRIZE TECNOS" and the year is given, while the back of it is engraved the coat of the State Government of Nuevo León and the legend the theme of recognition:  

"Technology as a competitive advantage: Nuevo León. "

International Awards

TECNOS 2002 and 2011